What would be sweeter than POLC on Cake? Now you can get your rewards on the Binance Smart Chain and trade $POLC tokens on pancake swap with added liquidity. As the official announcement is out, POLC liquidity has been added to pancakeswap and will keep adding more as AI NFTs are sold. We started things off by adding 424 BNB into Pancakeswap liquidity for the first week and we will go from there. This is almost half a million USD liquidity for BSC. We will keep adding liquidity per week until all the Polkacity AI NFTs sold out!

The Pancakeswap…

Art & Design

  1. User avatar model setup
    We’ve been working with two models. We spent some time on basic optimizations to change the model outlook and skeletons, we will work on this some more to make it perfect before the game launches.
  2. Avatar animations
    We are going to explore new character animations and identify a new set.
  3. Shader graphs work on avatar models.
    The users will be able to customize the textures of the clothes, hair, and skin tone. We’ve managed to implement this through the use of shader graphs, which gives us the ability to modify these textures in the…

We have been building Polkacity Game at a swift pace. The game will be polished and published this year, and the Polkacity NFTs will be functional within the game. This article outlines the unofficial, informal NFT Guide for the game at this juncture. The official Guide will be released when the game launches. Game mechanics may change before launch, they may be enhanced and features added or modified to enhance and plug all assets into a chained economy.

At Polkacity, we have a large collection of NFTs and have been explaining some of them with articles. A lot of expensive…

AI Photo by Yuyeung Lau on Unsplash

We are releasing a new NFT, called Polkacity AI, on 11.09.2021, at 5 PM UTC. The NFT will be released on BSC and Ethereum chains at the same time. The price will be fixed at 1000 USD. People can buy it with ETH or BNB only, which means the NFT costs 1000 USD in ETH or BNB. The contract will update the ETH or BNB amount periodically based on the market prices. All raised money will be added into Pancake swap liquidity.
The AI NFT will provide 200 POLC / week passive income, which is 192% APY at the current price…

In our previous article, we showed a generic car to illustrate how driving will be in Polkacity. Now we are driving a Bugatti NFT, specifically made for the Amazix team helping us on Telegram. You can check out our previous article on this subject and see where this NFT originates.

This video shows an NFT being driven in the city and the Polkacity game making speedy progress!

We will be continuously working on the building models, city block prefabs, terrain, and asset optimization. In the upcoming weeks, we will also be working on:

  • User Avatar and its animations. In…

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

The game elements such as user models, NFT cars, and NFT buildings will interact with each other in the game. Here is how:

  • Whenever a user is near a car or a building, a popup will appear giving them the option to engage or leave. The user can then press a key to interact with that element.
  • Enter a Car: If the user owns that car, upon entering, the camera will switch to street-view and the user will be able to drive the car around the city.
  • Enter a Taxi: If the user enters a taxi, he/she will set the…

Driving in Polkacity, the first draft

The car you see in this video is a simple concept model to try out the driving mechanics, in the first draft of the Polkacity game. The finished and polished game will feature better cars such as taxis, Lambos, and other NFTs. When an owner enters a car, the camera will switch to the street view and the owner will be able to drive their car in Polka City. As always, you will be able to switch views back and forth. In the video, you can see the car stopping next to a Hotel…

Game Concept

Polka city is an online virtual world in which registered users socialize with other players, place their purchased assets in the city and show off their items to other players in the game. Currently, users own the assets but don’t have a visual representation of them. The game is going to be a virtual world where the Polkacity citizens will be able to drive their cars in the city and use their restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and other NFTs.


This game falls into multiple genres like simulation, social, role-playing, and asset management because it involves social interaction…

We are happy to announce our very first treasure hunt on Treasure Island. Check out this video and start your hunt:

This is the very first playable version of the Polkacity game with a drone. You are directly on the first draft of Treasure Island. Use the drone to search for the Treasure Chest and claim it!

The actual game will have the whole city, cars, houses, buildings, hotels, stadiums, hot dog stands, discos, and more with a living economy.

Hidden Treasure Chest, Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

The way to claim the NFT is to find it using the drone provided in the game. Load the…

Claim your rewards on BSC, and take advantage of high speed and low fees.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

The Binance Smart Chain has been used by the public to take advantage of low fees and high speed compared to the Ethereum chain. This helps everyone to farm and trade without wasting their APY on fees, claim without paying lots of fees and of course, do any activity they like without the fear of fees.

If you send your NFTs to BSC, please be patient. …


Polka City is a smart contract-based Polkadot, DeFİ, and NFT investment and game platform.

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