AI to Automate Polkacity Game Tasks

4 min readSep 10, 2021
AI Photo by Yuyeung Lau on Unsplash

We are releasing a new NFT, called Polkacity AI, on 11.09.2021, at 5 PM UTC. The NFT will be released on BSC and Ethereum chains at the same time. The price will be fixed at 1000 USD. People can buy it with ETH or BNB only, which means the NFT costs 1000 USD in ETH or BNB. The contract will update the ETH or BNB amount periodically based on the market prices. All raised money will be added into Pancake swap liquidity.
The AI NFT will provide 200 POLC / week passive income, which is 192% APY at the current price. As the game feature, the NFT/plugin will allow asset owners to automate in-game mechanics. Taxis will drive passengers automatically, Drones will fly passengers automatically and other routines will be carried out for the other NFTs. You will no longer need to be present to make profits within the game, you can now play and automate while you are away from your keyboard. This AI NFT automates the other NFT features so you do not have to be present while making money, turning your NFT into a passive income tool even during the game phase!

The requirement is one AI per game NFT. In other words, if you want to automate five of your assets then you should have five polkacity AI NFTs. In addition, there is an APY just for the AI. If you have 5 AIs, but 2 taxis, then the 3 spare AI NFTs will generate weekly payouts only till you buy 3 more taxis or other assets. Considering the game is expected to release this December, the AI may be in high demand.

This is true for all types of NFTs that generate income in the game. Assets that can use AI have AI Capable in their description. If they don't say AI-capable, then they don't need it. However, they will be able to use AI in some other way. For example, if you have a hot dog stand, you can use the AI to sell some of the stuff automatically, or you can tend to your stand manually. Having the AI means extra passive income in the game, and this is similar to a trading bot that brings asset owners extra profits while they are sleeping or when they are AFK.

The AI NFT is also similar to auto compounding. Instead of going there and driving people to make money, you have a Tesla-like AI driving customers for you. This is as if you hired someone to drive your taxi, but instead of sharing the profits, you need to make a purchase in advance, and you can sit back, relax, and see your taxi working in-game so you can focus on other things such as treasure hunt, or things in real life like spending time with your significant other. Real-life taxi owners hire drivers to drive their taxis at night, so you will be a boss in the Polkacity game with this AI doing the leg work for you. Have a Limo? get the AI and watch it work for you.

The AI NFT is NOT obligatory in the game, but it is very helpful. Usually, customers go to shops that are always open and available.

There are 500 AI NFTs for the ETH network plus 500 for the BSC network.

1000 AI are being offered in total, so don't miss out!




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