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We have done an engaging AMA where the main developer Carmello gave excellent information and answered users' questions. If you enjoy reading instead of listening, here is the summary. For more, check out the Polkacity Telegram group.

We are doing some testing with the poker NFT, and here we are to give you some news and answer all your questions.
The Poker events will launch in two phases. The first phase is free for all where you get the full amount of credits, and you play until you lose. We do this so that we can do some testing, and force our limits. You can come back in after somebody wins, and the rounds repeat. This will be all for free, anybody can join. We made all the coding in-house, we did not trust any third party, it is all made in Polkacity! The free sessions will show us whether there are any bugs or exploits in our Poker game.
The second phase is when we connect to metachain, and you will be able to play. VIP poker NFT owners will be able to launch tournaments, decide how many players, and the minimum amount to join and they will be able to decide what the price will be. They will also determine the currency in the tournament. The currency can be anything we have on the deck, META, POLC, or any other currency. The reason we bring in the variety in the currency is to attract other gaming companies and have them see that they can use their tokens on our poker game. This will bring other gaming currencies to our Polkacity metaverse, and our user base will also get larger. This is the way!

Photo by Victor Serban on Unsplash

The next thing is decks. We are going to launch metachain decks, which will allow other projects to create their games and trade their currency. Meta decks will start with METAO, POLC, USDT, and other stablecoins as we add liquidity. Any project or person is free to add their liquidity as they do in uniswap and Pancake. The difference is that we are going for a graphical tool like dex tools. We will have technical analysis and other very useful tools.

Every time we launch a build the game size is larger, and the gigabyte is getting larger. We have been working towards running the Polkacity Metaverse on browser mode so that you won't have to download the game, but instead, you will be able to run it on your browser! We have been testing WebGL so that our integration will be faster and it will be easier for our users. Running the Polkacity metaverse on the browser is easier than downloading, installing, and connecting to a PC program, and many people refrain from running exe files these days. People will have to delete their candy crush game to install our large game if we keep it up! As it will be a browser game, you will be able to join your mobile device whether it is a phone or a tablet. We have been testing vigorously to make sure that every aspect of the game runs smoothly. The game will run not only on PC but on Linux or even Chromebooks. This means that you no longer need a gaming rig with a GPU, you can join the Polkacity metaverse with any good device you have as long as it has a browser.

The new partnership is from Dubai and they want to invest in marketing, they want to sponsor community events, and help us with any aspect of growing our community. The investment is seven figures and it is a large investment. We will follow the roadmap and release the drone wars. Any time you will be able to launch your drone and shoot at other drones. You won't be able to shoot at people, of course. The next thing we have is robot wars in stadiums and car races on a separate island. The car races will be very professional as you will be able to tune your racing car and more!

James is our main unity developer and he worked on a very well-known metaverse before working for us. He has a lot of experience and the level of quality ever since we got him shows the great improvement.

Let's get the questions from the audience:

  1. MetachainOne Blockchain: With all the issues we have seen from other existing Blockchain on both downtime and hacks. How is MetachainOne built to prevent both series of downtime which reduces users' confidence in the Blockchain and also prevent exploitations of the Blockchain and bridge wallet by hackers, I am sure there are hackers working overtime to hack into us currently. The crypto space has always been a good hunting ground for them.

Great question, thank you. There are a lot of blockchain issues, but most of them are related to contracts and metamask connecting to different websites. Metachain is very safe, it is based on Ethereum, and as long as you don't connect to a fake website, you will be OK. So make sure to bookmark our website and go from there as opposed to searching and clicking on ads. We have 11 nodes running with no issues.

2. Polkacity Metaverse Graphics Level: Can you give us a clear insight on the level of graphics we should expect for this project, Regarding the new 3d graphics you posted the other day, should we expect a high level of graphics throughout the Polkacity Metaverse and Side games in the Metaverse. As you know Highend AAA graphics is what the Metaverse and Gamefi will thrive one

I am also a big fan of realistic graphics, so I first hesitated with WebGL at first, but with the new browser game, we will have more users join us and grow our user base. We will improve the graphics level as much as we can. New partners will join us so it is hard to control other company graphics, but we will strive for our own graphics at the top level.

3. How far along is the casino you teased?

The casino is going to have a lot of games, which is different. The Poker game we are launching next week is going to be in the Hotel. We are just doing some testing to make sure everything runs smoothly.

4. Will the development and integrations from Q1 and Q2 speed up from now on? any ETA?

That is the reason we received the investment so that we can hire more developers and speed things up.

5. Can METAO coins be used within POLKACITY in the future?

The answer is YES. The purpose of METAO is to power the zero fees blockchain. However, since we are going to open the metachain to everyone to build upon, we will have different coins and tokens.

6. Last but not least from my side. I would like to give the entire team a big heads-up. Without you, this community wouldn’t be what it is. A community where people help each other are able to ask critical questions and have a good laugh every now and then. Thank you all.

Thanks, you have been here a long time so it is very valuable that this praise is coming from you.

7. Will there be a poker-only tournament or can we create with vip nft cash game?

There will be no cash game, it can only be cryptocurrency. We stay away from cash because it brings more complications.

8. Can we have a candy crush game? I listen correct?

No, I said people will have to delete their candy crush game to install our large game. It was a joke! However, if you want to build it we can add it!

9. Are there any minigames in the planning yet? Something like checkers, chess, and baccarat tables in the park where players can compete with each other. Maybe even put in some betting possibility in Polc. This shouldn’t be too hard I think and it makes PolkaCity a lot more fun.

James is big in mini-games and we have many ideas to implement. If you are a developer and want to join Polkacity, let's get it done and we will help you out!

10. Liquidity: On the MetachainOne DEX you mention apart from POLC and METAO, there will be liquidity for Stablecoin, and Bitcoin and Eth, and maybe other projects will bring their own tokens and add their own liquidity as well. My question is about the Liquidity for Stablecoin and maybe Bitcoin, who will be funding their liquidity on the DEX and how does it make money? In the case everyone wants to use the Blockchain because of zero fee how will the team manage this extreme traffic given that they will not make any money from the transaction?

Some liquidity will come from investors and as new projects and players are coming, it is in their interest to add liquidity. We will have defi features as well but the initial liquidity will come from our sales and the investors.

11. Is there a plan to promote Horse racing?

We plan to have heavier marketing after our Poker launch. Our overall marketing will escalate as well. Poker will show horse racing ads to market that aspect in Polkacity.

12. Plans about metaplots and houses?

We have a huge roadmap. You will have the tools to build houses and others. People will walk by your house only those with the key to your hour (you) will be able to get in and host parties or do other things.

13. With the blackjack NFTs you mentioned it looks like you’re going to take blackjack out of the casinos. Could you please clarify this? Thanks.

It is going to be like Poker, while the casino will have different games such as slot machines, roulette, etc.

14. Will the NFT shares be honored even though different currencies are being accepted? Such as:
Paintball arena, fishing shop, tax collector, shooting range, paintball arena, etc. Will POLC stay the currency of Polkacity, as that's what its value is coming from?

We only sell NFTs with POLC only, regardless of the chain it is on. POLC is the main currency. If NFTs require you to spend money to deliver that NFT service, The reason we don't always use POLC is because we do not want to sell POLC to cover expenses related to the NFTs such as miners.

15. When will you start integrating legacy NFTs?

Legacy NFTs have been getting integrated. Taxis and billboards have been getting integrated. As we grow you will see more legacy NFTs. Hotels will be earning, and they are legacy. We will get on gas stations and others soon. We launched the horse race and included the billboards. So any time we launch anything, we look for ways to integrate your legacy NFTs.

16. Are there any plans for a launchpad in metachain? to make it easier and more attractive for new projects to launch on metao

We are working on a new website and both POLC and metachain will be combined and those include onboarding projects with a launchpad. The projects will have access to wizards to create contracts so we will make it incredibly easy for anyone to come and join us!

17. How will a restaurant/shopping center generate income for holders?

The restaurant will be a place to gain energy and get “gas” for your main avatar. Shopping malls will be able to add products and images and sell anything from Amazon or your own products. This means an e-commerce application just for you in the Polkacity metaverse.

18. Would you consider partnering with Bluezilla?

If they want to join, we can always get more partners.

It’s not about polc, not about Metao, not about Bitcoin, not about any crypto. It’s about building a metaverse with value transfer. A place where you can build wealth in multiple ways.

Thanks, ok guys, I have to step away to another meeting. Thank you for your questions, If you have more questions the team may be able to answer them or they will relay them to me.

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