AMA with the community

Mariela Tanchez: Hello everyone! In our AMA today, we will learn more about Polkacity (POLC)! Joining is us Carmelo Milian lead developer and Fatih Atah marketing advisor. Welcome both! @POLCadmin

Carmelo Milian, Polka City DEV/CEO: Hi!

Fatih Atali: Hi Mariela and great community!

Carmelo Milian, Polka City DEV/CEO:
Hi Mariela,

Fatih Atali:
@Polkacity is an NFT and DeFi based project where you can earn weekly passive income through digital virtual NFT assets like taxis hotels restaurants etc.

-We have been listed on Bilaxy, Uniswap, Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Coinbase chart, Blockfolio, Safepal, and Delta app

- We have released our 2D NFTs 1 month ago
- We have released our first 3D&AR NFTs 1 week ago:

Upcoming Updates:
- NFT marketplace launch
- BSC integration and Safepall dapp release
- Reputable CEX listings
- Gamification

Media and Some Videos on Polkacity :

Carmelo Milian, Polka City DEV/CEO:
Polka City is a Virtual Economy that leverages NFTs and virtual assets in a city-like economy. Our goal is to have a 3D game where its citizens can socialize, sell and buy these virtual assets as well as enjoy city events like live concerts and more.

Mariela Tanchez:
Interesting, it definitely seems like a new way to interact according to the current world trends!

Mariela Tanchez:
So how has your process been so far? What are some of the major milestones you guys have hit so far and why are they important?

Fatih Atali:
Correct! We are innovating the NFT world with 3D and AR NFTs !

Fatih Atali:
We have completed our token sale process roughly 1.5 months ago with a quick hardcap ( 1 minute). Then we have released our 2D NFT platform, 3D NFT Platform as our main products and listed on some good exchanges & token tracking sites like CoinGecko, Coinmarketcap etc. Now we are preparing to release our NFT marketplace.

Mariela Tanchez:
Seems like you are moving forward pretty fast!

Fatih Atali:
Correct .

Mariela Tanchez:
So how have people taken you? Has your community grown since you first launched?

Fatih Atali:
Yes. Our community almost doubled last month and we have not launched aggressive marketing yet. We have focused on organic growth so far. However, we are negotiating with some popular Youtubers and Twitter influencers for aggressive marketing before releasing our NFT marketplace (in the next 15 days).

Mariela Tanchez:
Sounds exciting! How about the way you are structured? Can you tell us more about your business model?

Carmelo Milian, Polka City DEV/CEO:
Our business model focuses on building a strong community and NFT economy at first where most if not all benefits are towards the community NFT owners. The next step will be building a marketplace and the game where not only the NFT holders will be benefitted, but also a business model that will allow us to remain operational.

Mariela Tanchez:
A strong community is always a good thing!

Mariela Tanchez:
So how about economics? Tell us more about the tokenomics behind the project

Fatih Atali:
100% agree.
Sure thing.

Total supply: 250,000,000 POLC
Platform reserves: 200,000,000 POLC
Marketing : 5,000,000 POLC
Team: 10,000,000 POLC
Exchange Liquidity: 25,000,000 POLC
Pre-sale: 7,500,000 POLC (SOLD-OUT)
Private sale: 2,500,000 POLC (SOLD-OUT)

Current circulation supply and Marketcap:

You can read the details here:

Mariela Tanchez:
Ok, thank you! We will look into those!

Mariela Tanchez:
So how about price? What have you thought of the recent price action?

Fatih Atali:
Our private sale price was $0.10 and the pre-sale price was $0.13. Our ATH price was around $2.2.

The current price is $1.2. Price is a bit dropped due to the weekly asset payouts but it recovers on weekend usually :)

Fatih Atali:
Not financial advice 😁

Mariela Tanchez:
Good point 😊

Mariela Tanchez:
Ok and to wrap it up…Where are you heading in the next few years and what are the next major updates for you?

Fatih Atali:
As I said above, we are here to innovate the NFT world with 3D & AR NFTs ( We believe that we are a good candidate for the top 3 NFT projects in the future.

Here are our short term roadmap (Mostly in April and May)

-NFT marketplace launch
- Contract audit from a reputable Auditor
- BSC integration and Pancakeswap listing
- Top tier CEX listings

See the full roadmap here:

Mariela Tanchez:
Awesome!! We will definitely stay pending!

Fatih Atali:
Good to hear that!

Mariela Tanchez:
Ok so now I will open the floor for questions from our audience!

Fatih Atali:

Everyone, please remember only 1 per person!

Reinhard Van Astrea: I read a line on your website, ‘The more people are in a city, the more profits a hotel can make. What does this mean, Is it possible to build our own city by bringing friends, families, or acquaintances and ask them to own Virtual Investments too?

Carmelo Milian, Polka City DEV/CEO: Citizens = NFT Holder

Fatih Atali: Our assets have weekly passive income with a fixed ratio + amount of citizens. That’s why each new citizen means an extra weekly payout for the NFT asset owner.

Need You Help: Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind Polka City? Who are the team behind Polka City project? can tell us their background?

Carmelo Milian, Polka City DEV/CEO: We chose the Polka City name because of the plans to integrate with Polkadot in the future. Also, very catchy :)

Như Quỳnh: I want to learn more about Polkacity , but the information is very small,the community is relatively empty and less, what strategy does Polkacity team have to develop the community and maintain long-term user?

Carmelo Milian, Polka City DEV/CEO:
We are expanding our community engagement team very soon, However, you can still join the group and ask questions, we are very responsive and have lots of genesis citizens that are willing to help us.

Tony B: What is the new evolution of DeFi and what types of DeFi services are worth investing in? What do you think the reason is? How can I assess whether a DeFi project is worth participating in?

Carmelo Milian, Polka City DEV/CEO:
You need to do your own research on this. Join our community, ask questions.

Sin Tae-Young: During the 2020 I got scammed a few times, rug pulls — soft rugs etc. — how can we investors be sure that Polkacity will not be similar, are your contracts public & somewhere to be seen?

Carmelo Milian, Polka City DEV/CEO:
We are a public, open and honest team. we are here to innovate, No need to go anywhere, we are having a lot of fun building this.

Bruneidow: Hi , I would like to know if all unsold assest will be burnt before market place release

Carmelo Milian, Polka City DEV/CEO:
No, not all assets will be burned by then

Phoenix Henderson:✨Could you please elaborate more about your tokenomics? What’s the total supply and what kind of plans do you have regarding $POLC unlocks in the future?

Carmelo Milian, Polka City DEV/CEO:
Every token is allocated as in the whitepaper. The unlocks are periodically and are to support their purpose, for example, majority of tokens are for NFT rewards, these unlock periodically and are used only for that purpose. Team tokens are still locked and will release at a 5% rate per month starting 5 months from now.

Mariela Tanchez:
Ok thank you so much! We appreciate all the answers
If people still want to learn more where can they go?

Fatih Atali:
You’re welcome!
Let me share our social media!








NFT sales:



Mariela Tanchez:
Great thank you and thanks for your time!!! We will stay pending to see where this goes!
Thank you for being here @POLCDEV @POLCadmin
And thank you everyone for participating!!!

Carmelo Milian, Polka City DEV/CEO:
Thanks for having us

Fatih Atali:
Thank you for inviting us Mariela!

Happy trading dear community!