Art Gallery in Polkacity Metaverse

2 min readFeb 7, 2022

Metaverse has been growing, especially with its economic aspect and gig economy. Art is a high form of work and we are happy to include the Art Gallery NFT in the Polkacity Metaverse. Polkacity Beta is out, and if you have a Polka Truck NFT, you can be one of the beta testers. We have been completing all the NFTs, making them functional, and next up is the art gallery. Imagine being able to see an art NFT in the Polkacity metaverse, in a 3D environment using your avatar, and being able to interact with it.

In this video, you can see a glimpse of how the art gallery NFT will work and how you will get to see NFT art within its walls as a Polkacity user. You will be able to purchase NFTs using POLC, and if you are an artist, sell your NFTs after an approval process by the Polka City team.

We already have some deals with some very good artists working on some beautiful art for you, our users, and investors. We will also feature collections and functional art as well. We will soon announce the famous signed artists and their work to be published in the gallery.

As always, you will be able to click E to interact with the art and purchase it using your wallet connected to your game account. Safety is one of the first and foremost points we consider with all our smart contracts and API, therefore we are using all kinds of checks to make sure you get a safe and fun experience when using any kind of shopping tool within Polkacity.

This is a first draft and the beta version of what the art gallery will look like in the public game, and we will keep polishing the 3D environment in all our NFT businesses.

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