Bittrex Listing of POLC

3 min readMay 13, 2021

We are thrilled to announce BITTREX listing!

Bittrex is a large exchange and according to coinmarketcap, it has a 300 Million USD volume. It is an aged and largely known exchange, especially focused on bitcoin pairs of altcoins. Lately, they have been supporting innovation in the blockchain industry including tokenized stocks and NFT projects. Polkacity being an innovative project that includes NFT and DeFi, Bittrex made its famous due diligence on Polkacity and accepted to list trading POLC in two pairs. 💳 Deposit & Withdraw is enabled on Bittrex, and 🔥 trading has launched on 13 May 2021, Thursday.


Here is the announcement by Bittrex:

You can directly trade POLC using these links:

If you are not registered on Bittrex, it is easy, just go to this link and follow the instructions under Register.

Bittrex is an interesting exchange as they have started listing tokenized Wall Street stocks long before any major player in the crypto space. Polkacity NFTs are somewhat similar to synthetic stocks because they represent their real-world counterparts. For example, you can use a hot dog stand or a disco just like you do in the real world. In that sense, NFTs are not only for the virtual world. For example, you could tokenize your real-life rental house on the blockchain by putting its ownership to an NFT. Then you can track the price of your house through an oracle. If you made a home improvement effort that increases your house’s worth, you could see your NFT price increase. Let’s say you added a swimming pool to your yard, your NFT price (house) would immediately increase. When you are buying and selling real estate, it is a real hassle, you have to go through all kinds of red tape. When you are trading the NFT representing the house, it is simply a peer-to-peer transaction and you don’t have to deal with a middle man. Insurance and other matters can also be dealt with using blockchain.

Polkacity and Bittrex support drive to innovation and useful tech. We strongly believe that this partnership will bear fruit.

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