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3 min readJul 11, 2023


We are expanding our Polkacity metaverse game with mini-games that our users can enjoy during their spare time. When you are done with traversing in Polkacity's great outdoors, riding in your car, motorbike, boat, or airplane, you may want to sit at a poker table with friends and play a card game or two. Better yet, host a game and call your friends. Now you can do that easily with the Poker NFT from Polkacity. Polkacity VIP Poker NFT is now available on sale in our Polkacity/MetachainOne NFT store so get down there and grab one of the NFTs before they double in price. If you have credits saved up, you can use them to purchase this wonderful organizational NFT as well.

🎉 NFT Details:

  • Price: 85,000 POLC
    • Limited Quantity: Only 47 out of 50 are available at this price level. There will be 50 more later down the road, but at twice the price. This is like a pre-sale VIP NFT. The next batch for sale will be around 170,000 POLC each.
  • You can use your credit if it adds up to 85k POLC.

VIP NFT owners earn 33% of their hosted party profits.

With this incredible NFT, our users will unlock a range of fantastic features, specifically designed to enhance your poker party experience. Here’s what you can expect:

1️⃣ Decorate Your Poker Room: Personalize your poker room with custom logos, creating a unique and stylish ambiance for your gatherings.

2️⃣ Registration Cost in POLC or METAO:

Flexibility is key! Set the registration cost for your hosted poker parties using either POLC or METAO, giving you the freedom to tailor it to your preferences.

3️⃣ Customize Poker Tournament Payouts:

Take control of your poker tournaments by customizing the payout structure to suit your party’s dynamics. Create an exciting and competitive environment for all participants.

4️⃣ Share Profits from Hosted Poker Parties:

As a VIP Poker NFT holder, you become part of a community that shares in the success. Earn a fair share of profits generated from the hosted poker parties, adding an extra incentive to your NFT ownership.

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Disclaimer: This article includes some forward-looking statements made in light of information available at the time of preparation. None of the statements made here are financial advice, always DYOR. Polkacity is a virtual platform, and all references to POLC and real earnings are intended within the context of the game and its virtual currency POLC. Please note that participation in poker games and events may be subject to local laws and regulations. Ensure compliance with your jurisdiction’s guidelines.




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