Certik Audit Completed!

Polkacity has had its smart contracts audited by Solidity Finance since the beginning, but one of the most reputable audit companies is Certik. The report by solidity finance covered the token contract while Certik audit covered all the smart contracts, namely the Polkacity token, 2D NFTs, 3D NFTs, and NFT marketplace contracts. This was first announced with a tweet by our platform.

The final result by Certik is reported here and states that the onboarded date is 5/19/2021. You can reach the report by clicking on View Pdf on that page.

The vulnerability summary included 29 issues and none of them were critical issues. There were only 2 major issues, 1 medium issue, and 15 minor issues, all were fixed by the Polkacity Developer Team successfully.

According to the Certik report, all issues were resolved and the comments in the report represent the status before the fixes. Here is the finding summary chart:

Certik code audit is very important for any decentralized platform. Unlike centralized entities, decentralized platforms rely on code, and code only. Auditing the code provides a safety net for people who are not savvy about reading code. Polkacity community voted strongly about getting the code audited for safety before we launched the marketplace and other features with the new website. In the poll made on Telegram, 77 percent of 588 votes were in favor of waiting for the audit. CertiK, as an audit company, was tasked with securing top crypto exchanges such as Binance and Huobi. This shows the high trust companies place on Certik as an audit company and Polkacity developers would like to have the best audit for the code that will run the blockchain side of things for our community.

The files investigated by Certik were 2DNFT.sol 3DNFT.sol Marketplace.sol POLCToken.sol and marketfees.sol

You can check out the Certik recommendations and how they were solved by the Polkacity team here:

Now that the Certik Audit has been completed and everything is kosher, Polkacity developers can start publishing the front-end decentralized applications such as marketplace, crosschain bridge, and more!

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