Developing Games or Apps? Get yours Connected to Polkacity

We are opening the Polkacity API to developers so that everyone can take advantage of our user base with thousands of people. Our users will be able to play different games and apps brought by different developers. The more the merrier for everyone — having different games available in Polka City improves the metaverse sense. Developers can use the Polkacity platform to gain more users and use the API (Application Platform Interphase) to connect to blockchain for transactions. We are releasing this API to allow developers to build applications and/or dAPPs using our NFT platform, Marketplace, and Bridge.

Mini Games are now possible within Polkacity

The API will be powered by POLC meaning that api transactions will be paid with POLC. With this API, any developer can build an app that will allow them to create NFTs, or they can build an NFT marketplace, or take advantage of any of our features by including them in a game. You can build anything your heart desires, we are enabling people to use the API to build, sell, or trade NFTs in the BSC chain. We picked BSC at this juncture because of the low fees, we can expand to other chains such as Polkadot and ETH.

The transactions will be paid in full with POLC. The chain uses BNB, and there will be a gas fee but the POLC used will cover the BNB cost as well.

If you build a decentralized app or a normal app, you can use the API to make calls to our Polka City platform and thus, to the blockchain just like Solidity does, without having extensive blockchain knowledge. Our api will take away all the dealing with crypto in the app, you just pay for the api use online and build your app.

Let's say I am building a library for the game lore. I could place the API within my Polkacity library game, and charge people monthly or weekly for reading the lore. I can make a fishing mini-game and place the Polkacity API to charge people for the baits or the fishing rod, and the fish they catch could be the POLC reward. I could build a justice system game, and place the API within my game to have racers and police racing in the game, and having transactions based on who caught who, or who won the race, or whoever does the best drifting. There are many racing games but this API brings racing to Polkacity, as long as there are developers who want to do that.

Our users can also hire developers to build side games, mini-games with microtransactions, or large games with transactions and run it with the Polkacity game. All they need to do is add the API code to the app to add crypto transactions. The app could be a decentralized app or a google play app, could be on the iPhone store, or on PC, MAC, where ever you want.

You know how you can Build real-world games with Google Maps APIs? Now you can build metaverse games with crypto transactions without extensive blockchain knowledge. Use Polkacity API to bring crypto transactions to your game. Bring the richness of Polkacity Metaverse and its crypto ecosystem to everyone.

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