How to Buy Polkacity NFTs: Marketplace and Opensea Trading

All 2D assets and some 3D assets were sold out in the Polkacity marketplace and you can no longer purchase them. Any remaining assets, not sold in a certain period of time were burned by Polkacity. Do not fret! We give you the ability to trade them on OpenSea, and you can use ETH or USDT to purchase or sell official Polkacity NFTs.

Marketplace Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

Polkacity Marketplace

The marketplace currently uses two chains, ETH and BSC. You can sell your assets in any of these two chains, or you can look at what people have been selling, their prices, and purchase what you want. Since Polkacity marketplace uses multichain, you should change your Metamask to the chain you want to browse the NFTs on. For example, if you want to shop in the Ethereum Chain, simply change your metamask to the Ethereum mainnet. For shopping BSC, change your metamask to the Binance Smart Chain mainnet. When you see something you like, click on BUY and that’s it. Approve your metamask popup and watch the magic happen!

Watch the Polkacity Magic

OpenSea Marketplace

There is a large variety of 2D assets on opensea, especially for the Ethereum Chain. If you want to purchase older 2D NFT assets, please visit:

If you want to purchase 3D NFT assets on opensea, please visit:

Many people are afraid of purchasing assets on free decentralized markets such as Opensea because of scammers that place non-official NFTs on such markets. There is a super-easy way to make sure what you are buying is an official NFT and provides the weekly POLC reward.

Ethereum NFT 3D: 0xb20217bf3d89667fa15907971866acd6ccd570c8

NFT 2D: 0x57e9a39ae8ec404c08f88740a9e6e306f50c937f

BSC NFT 3D: 0x364151EDBAC312C7a636CfA7996C3A2B6C2eC590

3. Click on Buy Now or Make Offer. You can see the price history and other offers on the item. The 2D assets are shown as PCA on etherscan and the 3D assets are shown as PC3D.

Go to My Assets on Polkacity and claim your weekly rewards.

All 2D assets will be converted to 3D assets in the Polkacity game.

Keep watching Polkacity and be sure to give Opensea a chance.

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