Huobi x Polkacity AMA, 94K POLC up for grabs!

6 min readJan 23, 2023
12:00–13:00 (UTC) Jan 23

cmiLian | POLCDEV

Ruly Huobi Global
My name is Ruly! The Huobi global community manager and I are going to be the host for today’s AMA.
The guest for today is Mr. Carmelo Milian
Carmelo Milian is CEO of Polkacity & Metachain.One
Together, let's welcome Mr. Carmelo Milian to our great community 🥳
Before the AMA start, I will explain to you guys how it goes
⭐️1. Opening

⭐️2. Introduction

⭐️3. Q&A (host vs guest)

⭐️4. Quiz

⭐️5. Closing Remarks
With the spirit of rewarding our community that will participate in the AMA, 🎁94,340 POLC Up For Grabs!

🌷200 eligible participants (chosen randomly) will share a 53,460 POLC prize pool.

🌷80 winners will share 40,880 POLC during in the AMA (complete poster share & quiz with the highest scores).

Let’s start!
Hello, @POLCDEV I have some questions for you from our community members here, I hope you’re ready 😊

cmiLian | POLCDEV
Hello everyone, so glad to be here!
I am super ready!

Ruly Huobi Global
Ok, let’s jump to the first question
Can you briefly introduce Polka City to the audience?

cmiLian | POLCDEV
Sure thing
First thing, thanks for having me in the AMA…Polka City was founded and began development in February 2021 during the pandemic. Since then, we’ve released an abundance of NFTs that all have utility within the Metaverse and also allows our citizens (investors) to earn passive income through APY. More recently we’ve finished our own native blockchain; Metachain One, our zero-fees gaming blockchain to provide our game and other projects with zero-fee transactions.

Ruly Huobi Global
Wow that’s cool
So, what is the inspiration behind this project?

cmiLian | POLCDEV
Inspiration came as my son was always asking me for Robux for his Roblox world, I asked him if he can resell the things he’s buying and when the answer was basically that there will not be any ROI when it comes to Roblox- I decided to make a world where you could build things, own assets that hold value and utility and also have the option to sell these things as they appreciate and depreciate creating its own economy. Then came up with the idea of Building Metachain One so that it will allow us and other developers to continue this work on a zero-fees blockchain! But that was just the beginning, everything else comes from community inspiration.

Ruly Huobi Global
Such a lovely father 👏
That’s awesome

cmiLian | POLCDEV

Ruly Huobi Global
I am interested in the project, could you please tell me where is Polka City in the development stage?

cmiLian | POLCDEV
Here are a few recent updates!
- upgraded the metaverse graphics
- increased the server capacity
- Added a few new vehicles
- added the spy drone
- Integrated a navigation system
- Proximity chat
and so much more!
We’ve also upgraded our avatars with Ready Player Me allowing our citizens to customize their wardrobe and appearance.
Right now our focus is on the monetization of NFTs within Polka City and soon we’ll have our Horse Race Track finished and citizens will be able to race horses for real money in Polka City!
We would love for all of you to join our Metaverse
You can easily get started by setting up your account at and then downloading the Metaverse software at

Ruly Huobi Global
This is getting interesting, Thank you for sharing with us!
Do we see that you just launched a new gas-free blockchain called MetachainOne?
Can you please share more on that?

cmiLian | POLCDEV
METACHAIN ONE is a zero-fee gaming blockchain and multichain bridge. With a web browser, wallet connects and a Metamask wallet, gamers can access METACHAIN and its partner’s games instantly.
While initially created to support The Polka City Metaverse, METACHAIN will now offer access to a variety of blockchain games and cryptocurrency projects.
In addition to access for gamers and investors, developers can also use the zero-fee advantage for their own clients by building on METACHAIN ONE.
To learn more about Metachain One visit our

Ruly Huobi Global
Zero fees sound great!

cmiLian | POLCDEV
It sure does! Saves people a lot of money.

Ruly Huobi Global
I am curious, can you please explain to newcomers
What are other ways that people can be involved with Metachain One/Polka City?

cmiLian | POLCDEV
You can get involved with Metachain One by owning a node that will be up and mining in the near future, I think there is 1 or 2 left, you can also be a part of our Dev Program that will allow you to build your project with zero-fees (win/win), and of course, being a part of Polka City will allow you to bridge your NFT’s to the Metachain One blockchain, it will also be powering Polka City’s development!

Ruly Huobi Global
If you are interested to be a part of the dev program, check this out guys 👀
Next question
People seem to be getting excited about the new Horse Racing NFTs and the Horse Race Track
Tell us about that

cmiLian | POLCDEV
We are very excited about our horses! The horse NFT is great; it will give its owners the chance to race them in the horse racetrack, which is an important addition to the Polka City Metaverse. Adding horses to a race will be free, plus users will be able to bet on their favorite horse. it will be a great use of the zero gas fee on Metachain and also allows for fast & secure transactions. Race track owners will earn a percentage from races.

Ruly Huobi Global
I love horse racing, i’m gonna try it soon
2023 is year of AI
What are your plans for A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) in Polkacity and are there A.I. NFTS Still Available?

cmiLian | POLCDEV
As of right now all of our A.I. NFTS are sold out however you can find them on our Polka City second marketplace being sold by Polka City citizens —

A majority of the Polka City NFTs come with some sort of profit earning system and most of these NFTs will require you to be in game and actively playing! Play to earn style! By holding the Polka City A.I. you will earn POLC on your compatible NFTs while you sleep or when you just don’t feel like playing!

Ruly Huobi Global
Awesome man
Let’s talk about milestones
What are you current big milestones with PolkaCity & Metachain One and what can we start getting excited for?

cmiLian | POLCDEV
We have accomplished a lot in the last year, and have a lot more work to get done, here are some of our recent milestones:
- Alpha Game Launch
- our node sales
- Horse racing NFT’s
- Bitcoin Mining
- New blockchain (Metachain One)
- The Token and NFT bridge has been completed.

Coming up next:
-Racing of horses
-Other mini games
-Developer games and projects

more and more coming up, we will never stop building.

Ruly Huobi Global
Let’s go the last question
Please share your roadmap

cmiLian | POLCDEV
Sure thing
You can see our full METACHAIN ONE roadmap on our website at:

Our roadmap is especially important to us. We have numerous NFT’s that will be monetized in the coming quarters, our developer program bringing more games and ‘things-to-do’ within the Metaverse, etc. Our roadmap is the best way for our prospective and current investors to know where we stand today and what’s to come!

Ruly Huobi Global
Can’t wait to see new innovation from you guys
I will pin this, so everyone can see it 😁
That’s it
Thank you for joining us today! @POLCDEV
You can leave me here, i will move to segment 2 😊

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