Metachain One, zero fee Metaverse L1 Chain by Polkacity

When we added BSC to our ETH platform and added the bridge, Polkacity users were very happy as this meant a significant decrease in the claim fees and other transactions. As we progress to getting the game more functional and have more users in our metaverse, we needed a zero-fee chain so that metaverse businesses can profit without the fee costs adding up. We are excited to announce metachain one, the L1 Polkacity blockchain that will be used by other platforms to take advantage of its features including zero fees, smart contracts, and multichain capability.

METACHAIN is the only zero-fee gaming blockchain and multichain bridge. With a web browser and a Metamask wallet, gamers can access all of METACHAIN and its partner’s games instantly. While initially created to support Polkacity, METACHAIN will now offer access to a variety of
blockchain games and cryptocurrency projects. In addition to access for gamers and investors, developers can also use the zero-fee advantage for
their own clients by building on METACHAIN.

METACHAIN operates on the latest solutions in cryptography offering application interoperability, scalability, and seamless upgradeability. In addition, the protocol offers an open network of distributed ledgers for accountability, transparency, and a solid economic foundation.

💰Metachain Pre-Sale

TOTAL SUPPLY: 6 Million + 4.4 million for nodes mining
METAO NFT HOLDER PRESALE will have only 0.5M METAOS for sale. This will allow the NFT holders to purchase METAO first at a 20% discount. ($0.20 per METAO).


If you are one of the Polkacity NFT holders, you need to fill out this form to be eligible for the presale.

Photo by Shubham Dhage on Unsplash

METACHAIN will offer nodes for consensus mining. The project will launch with 4 nodes owned by Polkacity. On launch, 11 nodes will be made available for sale for a total of 15 nodes for the first 5 years. After the first 5 years, an additional 5 nodes will be made available each year. There will be a block every 5 seconds and each node will mine 0.10 METAO per block. This will occur in a round-robin model starting with the first node and moving on to the next. Nodes will be available for download in the git repository. Each IP must be whitelisted in the METACHAIN contract in order to function.

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