Metaverse Party with Kucoin&Huobi, Win $POLC and Car NFTS

3 min readJul 25, 2022


Kucoin&Polkacity Metaverse Launch Party was broadcasted on Twitch, and you can see that everyone was having a blast!

If you are new to Metaverse, here is a tutorial showing you how to join the party starting with the basics, metamask, and everything else:

If you have not yet created an account and downloaded the game, do it now, create a PolkaCity account:

Download Mac game:

Download Windows game:

We featured 50 KuCoin Bugatti NFTs and 50,000 $POLC for this metaverse party.

The metaverse party was great, check it out at

We have another one coming up in partnership with Huobi.

Huobi Metaverse Party in PolkaCity: 27 July 2022, 13:00 UTC

Be sure to join that party and stand to win one of the 50 Limited Huobi NFT cars & 250,000 $POLC that will be given away, they are all ready and up for grabs!

250,000 $POLC & 50,000 Party Tickets Giveaway!

🏎️Chance to win one of the 50 Huobi Limited Edition F1 Racecars NFTs!

⬇️Complete the Gleam task below:

Early Bird Pool: The first 500 users who finish the Gleam tasks and have a trading amount (buy and sell) of 1,000 $POLC or more on Huobi during the campaign period will evenly share 130,000 $POLC and 500 NFT tickets. Each winner will win 260 $POLC and 1 NFT ticket for the metaverse party.

Party Pool: All users (excluding the Early Bird Pool winners) who finish all the tasks in Gleam will be eligible to award 150 $POLC each on a first come first serve basis, and will win 1 NFT ticket to the Huobi Metaverse Party.

You must complete the tasks and claim only one ticket to be qualified for one of 25 F1 Huobi NFTs. The remaining 25 will be given away randomly to in-game/Livestream participants across multiple servers.

There will only be 50 Huobi NFT cars available in the entire Polka City metaverse!

25 NFT Huobi cars will be given away using a random number generator randomly picked from the collection of entries in the gleam task. We will share the list of entries and the list of winners Live on video, 24-48 hours after the event ends.

20 Huobi NFT cars will be given away in our Polkacity metaverse during the Livestream. You must win mini-games in Polkacity during the Livestream. These will take place across multiple servers to make it fair. The mini-games will include running races, vehicle races, scavenger hunts, and trivia.

5 F1 NFT cars will be given to 5 lucky Livestream viewers/participants.

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