Polka City Hits The Crypto Market With Lots Of Exciting Opportunities

3 min readFeb 15, 2021


Polka City is a NFT-based platform that uses the power of blockchain to enable investors to buy virtual assets in a virtual city. Polka City guarantees an interesting virtual investing experience. The platform is a place to earn profits by owning virtual taxis, energy stations, and other essentials services.

Each asset that you invest your money into belongs to a contract. Thus, it guarantees your weekly payment, so long as your assets are still within your possession. The mission of Polka City is to combine the worlds of NFT, DeFi, and Polkadot via a digital city.

How It Works?

Wondering how Polka City works? It’s simple. Once you complete your registration as a member of the Polka City community, the next step is to choose your asset. On the Polka City platform, there are several assets to choose from, including Taxi, Services, Energy Station, and ETC. After selecting your preferred asset, you will then proceed to make a deposit via a contract address that would be shared with you. Once your payment is confirmed, you are good to go! Payment would start flowing into your wallet every week.

When the Polka City becomes fully functional, you can earn up to 13,125 POLC weekly through the one asset like a digital hotel. You can watch the demo video here for a better understanding.

Polka City Token

Polka City has a native token that users can use to run the platform. The token is with a symbol POLC. POLC is created on ERC20 and, POLC ASSETS are created on ERC-721. You can use this token to pay for goods and services on the Polka City platform.

Team and Future Plans

Polka City is designed and developed by high-powered team members that are knowledgeable in the blockchain and crypto space. The team is led by Carmelo Milian, who is in charge of Development. He has over three decades experience in IT service management. He has developed and run a number of successful projects. He is also the Co-founder of OneCloud.

Other members of the team include Fatih Atali, who serve as the Marketing Advisor. There is also Murad Aliyev, who serves as the Technology Advisor. Others are Manuel Leal, a developer, and Noah, the Marketing Manager.

According to the team, before the end of the first quarter of 2021, the project will witness DeFi and NFT platform launch. There would also be public and private sales for crypto enthusiasts to participate in the project. The team also posited that during the second quarter of 2021, Polka City will have a mobile app and the second version of its official website. There would also be a Polka City wallet release, NFT special edition release, and Referral platform release during the second quarter of 2021.

For the referral platform, as a user of the Polka City platform, you would be able to make extra income just by referring your friends or family members to also sign up. The details of the referral program and how much you can make via the program is still sketchy as of the time of writing this post.

The third and fourth quarters of 2021 appear to have similar updates. For instance, before the end of Q3 and Q4, there would be Polkadot Integration, high volume CEX listing, and Polka City trading marketplace. Then within the third quarter, the team has assured that they would launch a customizable NFT release and Polka City profit sharing release.

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Polka City is a smart contract-based Polkadot, DeFİ, and NFT investment and game platform.