Polkacity Poker Meltdown Warm Up

3 min readMay 26


We are thrilled to invite you to the highly anticipated Polkacity Poker Meltdown Warm-Up Tournament!

Things are heating up around here and we are getting you warmed up for the official Poker launch coming soon! We anticipate that this attraction will become highly sought-after in the Polkacity metaverse, alongside the horse race and various other sporting events. We intend to expand our coverage to other card games as well. These games will increase the utility of our POLC token as well, benefiting our users and investors.

Prepare to showcase your poker skills and compete against fellow enthusiasts for a chance to win fantastic prizes in POLC tokens. Here are the essential details you need to know:

📅 Date: June 3, 2023 (Saturday)
⌚️ Time: 12 noon EST (16:00 UTC)

💰 Entry Fee: 3000 POLC tokens
Please ensure you follow all the instructions provided in the following link:


📝 Tournament Format: No Limit Hold’em Poker

🏆 Prize Details: The total prize pool and specific payouts will be announced on the day of the tournament. The number of places paid will depend on the number of players participating.

Knock Cryptoforland from the tournament and win 1000POLC extra!

⏳ Tournament Duration: Most tournaments can last a few hours, so be prepared for an exciting poker experience.

Photo by Alexander Jawfox on Unsplash

📣 Let’s calculate the payout if 20 players register for this event and create an unforgettable competition:

Example Payout for 20 Players with entry fees of 3000 POLC Each:
1st Place: 30,000 POLC tokens
2nd Place: 15,000 POLC tokens
3rd Place: 7,500 POLC tokens
4th Place: 5,000 POLC tokens
5th Place: 2,500 POLC tokens

Please note that the POLC prizes will be distributed on the same day as the tournament.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your poker skills and compete for enticing POLC token prizes. We look forward to seeing you at the Polkacity Poker Tournament on June 3rd!

Good luck and may the best players win! 🏆🃏

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