Polkacity World Cup $20,000 Fantasy Challenge Is Now Live 🔥

3 min readNov 3, 2022

Purchase your team ball and set up your bracket!

Team ball NFTs are $100.

If you win, you get the big prize! If you do not win, you will be able to use your team ball in the Metaverse once integrated.

Once you buy your NFT ball, make a note of your NFT serial number. Then create your fantasy game account here. Your fantasy game account name (Display Name) MUST be the last 3 digits of your wallet address plus your NFT serial number. Wallets and ball NFT serial numbers must match the accounts created and we will check diligently.
All leftover balls will be burned before the first World cup game starts.

Let the games begin, good luck to everyone!

The winner(s) of this competition will win $20,000 in POLC tokens 📣

Pick the teams you think will place first, second, third, and fourth in each group. If you get all of them right, congrats that are 5 points per group correct. All you have to do is drag and drop the teams to their desired position in each group. Here are the rules:

  1. Each participant is limited to a single entry in the contest.
  2. Members will submit two sets of picks.
  3. Before the tournament starts, members will submit their picks for the group stage. For this pick sheet, members will guess the finishing position for each country in each group.
  4. When the group stage is over, members will submit their picks for the knockout stage in a standard bracket pick sheet, picking the winner for each game.
  5. The pick deadline for the group stage will be when the first game starts, and is currently set to November 20, 2022 at 1:00 PM ET.
  6. Members will receive the following points for each correct group finishing position:
    First: 2 pts
    Second: 1 pt
    Third: 1 pt
    Fourth: 1 pt
  7. Members will receive the following points for each correct pick in the knockout stage:
    Round of 16: 1 pt.
    Quarter Final: 2 pts.
    Semi Final: 4 pts.
    Final: 8 pts.
  8. The tie-breaker is the combined final score of championship game (actual final score only).

The knockout stage pick deadline is December 3, 2022. The knockout stage pick sheet will be available shortly after the last group stage game ends.

There is a how-to-guide available on the website. We will also make this walk-through available using rose, just type “world cup” on our telegram group.

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