Real-World Work Opportunities in the Polkacity game.

The post-pandemic World is already significantly different than what it was a year ago. We have more remote workers, people are more comfortable working from home, and most importantly, the gig economy is in full steam. Some shipping companies are hiring independent people to deliver goods, instead of hiring them full time, Uber, Airbnb, and other decentralized app-based opportunities let people work whenever they want to. It is no longer a 9 to 5 world and working full time is considered a “boomer activity” by many Gen-Z.

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Although it is clear that the future holds something in between, having gig opportunities for young people increases happiness and decreases unemployment rates. The brave new world is not a place where everyone is cast or classed based on their genetics, but it is a place full of decentralized opportunities, where everyone can thrive based on their skill. The new decentralized world paves the way to open up new, unprecedented ways to make a living, and working within a game, for a game is one of them.

Polkacity and the hired engineers have been working hard on the desktop game to make it perfect with great graphics, and we expect to hire real people for the jobs within the game to interact with Polkacity users. For example, if there is a bar for music streaming, you might be talking to a hostess to order a drink, or play a mini-game with friends, while enjoying the music activity. Interacting with a real hostess is way more pleasing than talking to a bot and it adds real value to any platform.

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Bars are not the only places to have fun, the game may feature anything our users can build or pre-built places such as a casino or a coffee house. Although it is not possible to sip coffee in a virtual coffee house, for now, it could be used as a gathering place to talk and enjoy chess, backgammon, or simply hang out during the day. Many people prefer the VR environment of the rec room to anything simpler such as zoom because it feels more real. Throw a pizza party, or play ping pong, or anything else your heart desires, just because it is fun.

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People hired by the Polkacity game platform will make you feel right at home within the virtual environment, and you will be able to create and enjoy any activity. Since the game includes a business economy thanks to the NFTs, art galleries, discos, stadiums, hot dog stands, taxis, barbershops will all require people to run them, if the business owner wishes. It is quite possible that the NFT owners will want to run the business themselves to attract more people at the beginning, and this will turn into hiring others to run it once they cannot deal with it themselves. For example, the NFT owner may run the business during the day in his time zone, and let someone else host it during other time zones so that other people from other parts of the World can enjoy the activities run in his NFT property/asset. Alternatively, he can just leave the NFT alone and let it generate passive income and appreciate in value. It is quite possible that at some point, the NFTs that are attended within the game will have significantly more value as they have more customers.

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