2 min readFeb 26, 2021


Total supply: 250,000,000 POLC

Platform reserves: 200,000,000 POLC ( 150M locked in contract deploy and 40M Locked by Trustswap (Thirdparty)

Marketing : 5,000,000 POLC (80% Locked)

Team: 10,000,000 POLC (Locked)

Exchange Liquidity: 25,000,000 POLC (60% Locked)

Pre-sale: 7,500,000 POLC (SOLD-OUT)

Private sale: 2,500,000 POLC (SOLD-OUT)

Platform Reserves

We have reserved 200M POLC for our NFT platform. Asset owners will get their weekly passive incomes from that pool. Each new asset purchase charge will be added into this reserves back. For example;

If a user want to buy a restaurant, he has to buy 55,000 POLC from exchanges and pay it to the platform back in order to purchase a restaurant.

We have currently 166,472,000 POLC in our platform wallet. 150M POLC has been locked in contract deploy and 25% will be released per quarter. We also locked 40M POLC through the Trustswap to reduce circulating supply more.

Marketing Reserves

We have reserved 5,000,000 POLC for the marketing wallet. 1,000,000 POLC has been used in private sale and pre-sale marketing. Rest 4,000,000 POLC has been locked and 5% will be released per month starting from the 3/18/2021.

Team Reserves

We have reserved 10,000,000 POLC for the team and advisors. Team wallet has been locked for 6 months in contract deploy and 5% will be released per month after the end of 6 months lock period.

Exchange Liquidity Reserves

We have reserved 25,000,000 POLC for the CEX and DEX exchange listing liquidity wallet. 15,000,000 POLC has been locked through the Trustswap,
2,029,602 POLC has been added into Uniswap liquidity, 3,065,000 POLC has been used in Bilaxy listing and liquidity.

Private sale and Pre-sale Reserves

10,000,000 POLC has been sold out in token sale process.

Circulation in Exchanges

2,000,000 POLC in Uniswap Liquidity

3,000,000 POLC in Bilaxy

1,000,000 POLC from Pre-sale marketing

10,000,000 POLC from Private sale and public sale

6,477,000 POLC has been used for asset purchase. This amount has been removed from exchanges by the current asset owners and added into platform reserves. At this point, we have 9,523,000 POLC can be tradable in exchanges (Uniswap, Bilaxy and holders from pre-sale & private sale)




Polka City is a smart contract-based Polkadot, DeFİ, and NFT investment and game platform.