Two Metaverse Events with Rewards: Horse Racing and Poker Royale

3 min readApr 10, 2023


Experience the ultimate adventure in Polkacity — it’s going to be an epic week! We are thrilled to announce two incredible upcoming events, a horse race metaverse party and free-to-play poker with rewards. These two events, the horse race, and poker give a Westworld feeling to polkacity for the next week.

Polkacity Horse Racing Metaverse Party is where you can purchase your very own racehorse NFTs and join the action-packed race or simply buy some POLC and start betting on any of the horses participating in the races!

This thrilling horse racing party will have you on the edge of your seat, this is an event you don’t want to miss!
Come race against the Polkacity team 👏

To learn how to join the Horse Racing Metaverse Party happening this Friday at 5 PM EST,

Click here 👉

Check out our earlier article for further information on the horse race party.

Polkacity Poker Royale Texas Holdem Tournament

April 15th at 12 pm EST

Here is your opportunity to show off your poker skills and win some amazing crypto prizes.

This is a free-to-play tournament and there is no money involved, only prizes and rewards for you, Polkacity community! Prizes will be announced soon.

Only 300 lucky players will have the chance to /register/play, so make sure to register early and secure your spot.

Tournament players will have access to integrated video and audio chat at the tables. Say goodbye to clunky third-party video apps and hello to a more personal and immersive poker game!

Register for the Polkacity Poker Royale,

Click here 👉

After registering, Please share the link with fellow metaverse/crypto enthusiasts to help spread the word! 🗣️

The poker tournament is not a part of the polkacity casino and will have zero rewards outside of the stated prizes TBA. The community event will be free to join and is an 18+ event. On the other hand, Casino NFT owners will share 50% of all casino profits when it is functional in the Polkacity metaverse. Polkacity gambling will be allowed in countries where gambling is permissible by IP Address allowance. It is expected for this NFT to be the highest earning NFT so far in Polkacity. All sales proceeds from this NFT will go toward mining rigs and POLC Buyback. Eventually Polkacity Metaverse Casino business will have poker. You can view this event as a practice or a preview.

Want to learn how to play? Check out this instructive video:

Get ready to embark on the ultimate gaming adventure in Polkacity.

This is an experience you do not want to miss out on!

Let the games begin!

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