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3 min readMay 17, 2022

Polkacity has partnered with to integrate Multi-Metaverse Avatar into Polka City. We will integrate with their website, game, and app. This will allow Polkacity avatars to be used in other metaverses and other readyplayer ecosystem avatars to be used in our metaverse. ReadyPlayer is a public company and they own Wolf3D. Their ecosystem is used by over 2250 developers which means that Polkacity avatars can be used in a huge ecosystem and our users can hop between platforms seamlessly using the same avatar. For example, VRChat is one of the metaverse platforms Polkacity avatars will be used.

Start creating your avatar at

Here is what Polkacity CEO Carmelo said about the partnership:

“We are very excited about this partnership, Polka City and have similar objectives for the metaverse. We are working towards the unification of all metaverses. where you can experience all of them seamlessly”

Carmelo’s Avatar

In the near future, you will be able to use these custom avatars in Polka City and in our upcoming mobile identity management app.

We will be able to mint NFTs for other metaverses Avatars soon which will contribute to the Polkacity treasure. Avatars created at will be in our game as soon as we integrate them. Our avatars will state that the avatar is a Multi-Metaverse Avatar courtesy of and this avatar will be valid in all the metaverses that are working with ready player. Think of it as logging in with your blockchain identity to most metaverses and being able to hop into different universes without changing your character. Roblox games have a similar feature, and you can play with your character in all roblox games without changing a thing. This feature will not be limited to a single game, but it will provide ease of use across the readyplayer ecosystem.

You can use and play in over 2250 apps and games with your Polkacity avatar. Check out all the partnerships and the games, and metaverses that are integrating these avatars into their apps and games:

This partnership will increase our exposure to a huge ecosystem and enlarge our prospects in the gaming and metaverse ecosystems across platforms.

Use to produce and own your cross platform avatar

Go to and take a selfie with a neutral face and good lighting. The system will produce your avatar. You can also use any image from your hard drive. There it gives you a base avatar and you customize a plethora of options, including, but not limited to, clothing, hair, face, eyes, accessories, and much much more.

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