Two Asset Burns, New Yachts and Billboards

3 min readApr 16, 2021

As stated in our previous article, scarcity means increased value for our users, and Polkacity will burn any unsold assets. The remaining electric car stations and restaurants will burn this Sunday, April 18th, at 11.00 pm UTC.

Restaurants & Electric car stations will burn

These burns create value for existing customers and increase the inherent NFT values, in addition to their staking value and weekly rewards. The burns will make the NFTs scarcer in the upcoming Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Polka City game, creating prestige for the owners. The remaining unsold 2D assets will burn, and then all of the existing 2D assets will be converted to their 3D counterparts by the polkacity developers, for free.

In addition to the burns, new assets that will be active in the upcoming polkacity game are created. The new assets that can be staked are Polka Yacht and Polka Billboard.

Polka Yacht costs 2500 POLC and has 60 % APY. The best part of owning a yacht in the game is the prestige aspect of it, you have a yacht! In addition, you will earn fees from transporting users from the mainland to the treasure island. More details will be released on that as the game finalizes.

PolkaCity Yacht

The billboard costs 1000 POLC and it has a 25 % APY. The best aspect of the billboard is the advertising aspect, and billboard owners will receive 25 % of all in-game advertising. This is an interesting aspect, because the game economy will include advertising, and billboard owners will get a cut from that.

Owning a yacht and a billboard is very different than owning a taxi. The yacht is cheaper than a taxi because the taxis are commercial and they have higher income. Perhaps in the future, the game may feature larger yachts and ships. As the city itself has an economy, the maritime economy is also a part of a living city, which could have a harbor. As the yacht will be carrying citizens to the treasure island, it is clear that the treasure island will have special importance.

There are many more interesting NFT assets coming up, and we will announce them a day after the yacht ownership. Can you guess what they are?

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